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The Most Trendy Booth Yet

For Those Who Love To Post On Social Media





Trendy digital photo booths are the ultimate party highlight, combining the nostalgic joy of photo snapping with the thrill of cutting-edge technology! They pack a punch with dazzling features like GIFs and Boomerangs all wrapped up in a sleek, interactive package. Instantly hit up your social feeds with high-res shots straight from the booth, thanks to seamless social media integration. These compact, customizable wonders are not just space-savers—they're cost efficient, ditching the need for printouts. Perfect for any event, from weddings, corporate events, quinceaneras, school dances, and parties, digital photo booths crank up the fun, offering guests a wildly engaging way to capture the moment and share it in real-time. Get ready to ignite your event with the most sought-after entertainment sensation! Just like Digital Booths choose Lunasy Capital when you want the most sought after entertainment sensation!

Lunasy Capital- Creating Moments That Last A Lifetime


Digital Photo Booths


Starting at $300 All Day Rental

Booking a la carte with our digital photo booths is a budget-friendly game-changer, allowing clients to tailor their experience without overspending. By only paying for the features you truly want, you can make your event unforgettable, no matter your budget. This approach offers the flexibility to ball on a budget, ensuring your celebration is a hit without breaking the bank. Simply select your date, pick your desired add-ons, and you're all set! This cost-effective strategy guarantees that everyone can elevate their event with our cutting-edge digital photo booths, making personalized entertainment accessible to all.



Adding a backdrop, GIFs/boomerang feature, prop table, audio guestbook, and red carpet when booking a Photo Booth transforms any event into an unforgettable experience. The backdrop sets the stage, providing a visually stunning background that complements the theme and ambiance of the event. GIFs and boomerangs add a playful, dynamic element, allowing guests to capture their moments in a fun and interactive way. A prop table encourages creativity and spontaneity, offering a variety of accessories that guests can use to personalize their photos and create memorable snapshots. The audio guestbook offers a unique twist, enabling guests to leave heartfelt messages alongside their photos, adding a deeply personal touch to the memories. Lastly, a red carpet elevates the experience, making every guest feel like a VIP as they step up to capture their moment. Together, these features enrich the photo booth experience, ensuring it becomes a highlight of the event that guests will talk about long after it's over.

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